Very Amateur Travel

I have been writing almost every day for the last two weeks but not at all about anything that I would ever read or ever write about if I weren’t being paid to. However, it’s surprisingly less tedious than I thought it would be because it’s still writing even if the topics include ‘how to pick up women’ and ‘medical cargo pants’. Still it’s really amusing; I don’t know the first thing about picking up women seeing that I’ve never tried.

The other thing that has been taking up my time is trying to decide what to do with this blog seeing as it is a travel blog and I am not travelling. It is dishonest after all to have a blog called ‘Amateur Travelling’ which is really about my boring life as a part-time shop assistant/internet-fluff writer and whatever else I stumble upon.  So I’ve come up with two possible solutions:

  1. I could change the name of my blog to something more appropriate like ‘My travelling is so amateur I don’t even leave the house’ or ‘travelling is for amateurs; I stay at home’. Only problem is that I don’t have the slightest clue how to change my blog’s name. It would probably take a lot of effort and an understanding of how websites work.
  2. The easier option would be to simply earn enough money so that I can go on holiday frequently and write about that. A four hour drive to Nelspruit still counts as travelling and maybe I’ll even make it as far as Mozambique. In the mean time I guess I could write about all the places I plan to travel to when I do have the resources to. I would love to do another yachting season in Europe but at the cost of doing an almost-three month boat delivery to get there I think I’ll take a rain check.

What I really want though, is for someone to pay me to go on holidays. I wouldn’t mind writing about that sort of thing at all. So hopefully someone will stumble upon my blog sometime in the near future and decide that that is exactly what they want to do.

This has nothing to do with my topic but it's really funny. My sister and her best friend woke me up wearing this.

I guess my life isn’t completely boring…


Comments on: "Very Amateur Travel" (3)

  1. Vivian Pitschlitz said:

    Yip I like your idea to write about where you would like to go in the mean time. You can also write about travel to:
    the supermarket
    broke back mountain
    the park with the dogs
    scrooges for dinner

  2. Vivian Pitschlitz said:

    OH and about the photo above Raewyn, Carmen’s sister was adopted and fell on her head a lot as a baby.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog (and sorry, I’m not about to say I’ll pay for you to travel and blog about it- I too am hoping someone does that for me…still waiting…) but I understand your problem with having a “travel blog” but not currently travelling. When I started my blog I kept getting in “travel blog” circles and I do love to travel, but that’s not what I do full-time (yet! Hello private funders out there-?) so I like your new title ideas — good luck in figuring out how to change the title though, I also don’t know how to do that either 🙂

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